In the network are processed individual problem areas in different working groups and cooperation partners are organized. Competent partners with many years of experience and technical know-how for all work areas can be obtained.

GMBU e. V. - network management

The GMBU e. V. is a non-profit organization for industrial research and development established in three departments in Saxony-Anhalt, Thuringia and Saxony.
The GMBU e. V. denominates itself as a center of excellence and know-how transfer in the fields of biotechnology, medical and environmental technologies.

Amocol Bioprocedures Limited

Amocol Bioprocedures Ltd. develops, manufactures and sells products for the purification of enzymes by affinity chromatography and is successful in the area of proteomics and in chemical modification of surfaces.

Alpha Contec GmbH

The business areas of AlphaContec Consulting & Service GmbH are developments of device and imaging systems in scanning probe microscopy and pattern recognition for the evaluation of microscopic images. AlphaContec is focused especially on the transition area between life science and nanotechnology.

Agrostim Biotechnologieprodukte GmbH

The purpose of the business idea of Agrostim Biotechnologieprodukte GmbH is the development of plant growth stimulants on the basis of hormones.
The Agrostim Biotechnologieprodukte GmbH has a variety of agents and compounds that are developed in multinational research projects in Eastern Europe.

bue-Anlagentechnik GmbH

bue Anlagentechnik GmbH has proven to be successful in the construction of biogas plants and provides sophisticated plant concepts, advanced standard solutions for plant components and reliable development of special solutions.
Consulting for the construction and commissioning as well as our biological assistance make our portfolio complete.

Dr. Junghanns GmbH

Dr. Junghanns GmbH as a special company for medicinal and spice plant does research and development which focuses of plant raw materials.


ECH Elektrochemie Halle GmbH is a developing and manufacturing company. Besides standard products, it develops individual solutions in the field of analysis.
The main focuses of this company are e.g. assembling and marketing the scientific devices for laboratory analysis, factory process control and on-site mobile analysis.

G.U.B. Ingenieur AG

G.U.B. Ingenieur AG is a company with departments in Saxony, Berlin, Brandenburg, Rhineland-Palatinate und Thuringia.
The G.U.B. Ingenieur AG has with over 170 engineers, scientists and technicians a large number of qualified staff with extensive national and international experience.
The G.U.B. Ingenieur AG developed a complex service management for the rehabilitation, exploration, development and the economic use of different types of sites, project areas and deposits, throughout its eighteen-years of company history.

IfU GmbH, Privates Institut für Umweltanalysen

The company IfU GmbH was founded in 1993 and does research and development which focuses of special in the areas of process measuring, applications for sensor technologies in light spectrum an solutions alysis. IfU GmbH is coordinator of the network “Treatment of algae with light, ultrasonic and microwaves”.


TeCNeT GmbH is active in the development of hard- und software for using e.g. in medical engineering and accompanied and suported the certification of these systems.

ZeSys e. V.

ZeSys e. V. was founded on the basis of the innovation alliance “Software Plattform Embedded Systems (SPES) 2020”.